An evening for learning something new about something old

A Scenic PlaceCalled Worcester (pronounced Wooster): Can We Know How Ancient Languages Were Pronounced?

 An evening for learning something new about something oldRiverWoods Resident Bob Jones

Recently, Philomen Probert, Professor of Classics at Oxford University presented a program entitled A Scenic Place Called Worcester (pronounced Wooster) Can We Know How Ancient Languages were Pronounced.

Professor crisply took us on a journey of linguistics peculiarities of English language pronunciation.

A Festive St. Patrick's Day Tradition

Bob Jones, RiverWoods Resident since 2010Once again we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with beer and pretzels hosted by Carol Stevenson of the RiverWoods Resident Services team. There was a profusion of Green because everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Each year, Carol arranges for a keg of beer, and does the pumping of the brew. The pretzels are warm with dipping cheese. And this year Matt Stewart from Dining came up with an Irish pizza that had leeks and potatoes as a topping. Even the Italians are Irish on St. Patrick's Day.St. Patrick's Day at RiverWoods CCRC, Exeter, NH

Vision and the Aging Eye

Photo and blog by Bob Jones
presentation on the aging eyeSylvia Kennedy of the RiverWoods Resident Education Committee arranged another of in our series of programs we call "Doc of the Month" to bring Amy Halloran, Low Vision Consultant for the State of NH and Sight Services for Independent Living Program to RiverWoods for a presentation on the Aging Eye. Amy provided an interesting program covering the many aspects of the various eye conditions that afflict us as an aging population, an discussed the various ways of minimizing the impact of these conditions on our population.

Resident Ski Trip to Sunday River

It's become an annual tradition for our President and CEO, Justine Vogel, to hit the ski slopes of Sunday River with a group of RiverWoods Residents. This year she brought back the short video below of the group coming down the trail. Did you know that those over 80 get to ski Sunday River for free? Looks like a fun run, ladies!

Congratulations LNA Career Ladder Graduates!

2016 RiverWoods at Exeter LNA Career Ladder Graduation Congratulations to Tara Brown and Sharon Welch, the very first graduates from RiverWoods' award winning LNA Career Ladder Program! They each did an amazing job on their presentations; it's been wonderful to watch them challenge themselves and see their growth during the program.

VIDEO: 2016 Economic Outlook for Retirement

In the short video clip below, economist Ross Gittell shares some insight into the 2016 economic outlook for retirement. This was recorded at RiverWoods on February 17, 2016.

Photo Gallery: Stunning sunset after recent snow storm

A gorgeous sunset after a recent winter storm, and Bob Jones captured the beautiful images in the gallery below:

Did you catch that sunset?? On a recent Friday following the snow storm a setting sun came out and bathed the trees...

Posted by RiverWoods at Exeter on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Speaking on the important role of bats

Presentation on the important role of batsblog and photos by Bob Jones, RiverWoods resident since 2010We recently had a program presented by the RiverWoods Resident Education Committee entitled "The Bat Population and the Response to White-Nose Syndrome" presented by Dr. Jeff Foster of UNH.

I am sure many of us have read about the rapid decline of the bat population. Why should we care? Because bats play an important role in insect control and in agriculture.

Jeff is Assistant Professor Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences University of New Hampshire, a mouthful that Jeff shortens to "Little Biology".

At dinner we learned that Jeff, although a New Englander by birth and at heart, studied in the med-west, gaining his Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Illinois. He wrote his dissertation on exotic bird invasions into the forests of Hawaii. Then he ventured to Washington DC to work for the Smithsonian Institution as a postdoctoral researcher where his work focused on avian malaria in Hawaiian honeycreepers.

How do you get from honeycreepers to bats?

There's a story behind the music she plays

Trisha Craig speaking with RiverWoods residentsBlog and photos by Bob Jones - a resident of RiverWoods since 2010The Music Committee brought a program at the Great Bay Room entitled "The History of the Solo Flute" with Flutist Trisha Craig.

Trisha told us the story of the development of the solo flute from the Baroque wood flute without keys through the addition of keys and other variations to the contemporary flute with many keys and made from a variety of metals including the up scale silver, gold and even platinum flutes. However, she assured us that contrary to popular there is really no difference in the quality of the music produced by a gold flute over a silver flute. Along the way Trisha demonstrated the evolving music composed for solo flute by playing selections from various musical periods.

Downton Abbey Final Season Sneak Peek

Bob Jones, RiverWoods Resident since 2010Downton Abbey costume contest at RiverWoods CCRC - Exeter NHLast month, RiverWoods residents were treated to a special pre-screening of the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey. This was made possible by the support of the series once again this year by RiverWoods Marketing. Of course we who saw Episode one that evening were sworn to secrecy until the shows premier on January 3. There were some outstanding period costumes worn by some residents in the contest for best costume as can be seen in the photos...