"Old Man on a Bicycle: A ride across America and How to Realize a More Enjoyable Old Age"

Author Don Peterson shares his story with RiverWoods residents

Blog and photos by Bob Jones, RiverWoods resident since 2010Don Peterson presents at RiverWoods - courtesy photoDon Peterson along with his wife Julie and his daughter Susan joined us for Don's story of his ride across America on a bicycle following his retirement from the Foreign Service after serving many years as a US Ambassador to several countries in Africa.  The story he told us is recounted in the material copied below from Amazon as an introduction to his book about the adventure entitled:
"Old Man on a Bicycle: A Ride Across America and How to Realize a More Enjoyable Old Age".

A couple from RiverWoods performs their own love song about life at the Exeter, NH CCRC

Howie and Lydia Colwell moved to Ri

An Apple a Day...

Dr. Joanne Curran-Celentano presenting at RiverWoods CCRC Exeter New HampshireDr. Joanne Curran-Celentano recently presented a talk to RiverWoods residents entitled "How Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away" sponsored by the Resident Education Committee and the Resident Fitness Committee.

Joanne Curran-Celentano is Professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of New Hampshire, where she teaches and also explores why diets rich in fruits and vegetables decrease the risk of chronic disease.

Bravo! NHAPA Performers Shine on Stage

BRAVO!!! Thank you NHAPA performers for putting on a wonderful show here at RiverWoods at Exeter over the weekend!

Posted by RiverWoods at Exeter on Monday, April 6, 2015

"Scandi-folk" Scandinavian Fiddle Duo performance

Scandi-folk-Scandinavian-Fiddle duo performs at RiverWoodsOn a recent Thursday evening we had a wonderful concert by a delightful duo of two extraordinary fiddle players who entertained us with music from Scandinavia. Andrea played the fiddle while Lydia played a five string and a "nickkelharpa" with 16 strings.

Timeless Love: three residents share their stories of romance

click to read full article at SeacoastOnline.comYes, it does happen.The RiverWoods community creates new friendships and sometimes even new love. When residents move to a retirement communtiy, they expect to meet new people, become involved in new activities and enjoy more free time. But sometimes serendipity steps in and the beautiful and unexpected happens.

To Mount Rainier and back in one evening!

By Bob Jones, RiverWoods resident since 2010Mt. Rainier presentation at RiverWoods CCRC Exeter, NHTom Martin, son of RiverWoods residents, Anne and Dick Martin, recently carried us to far away Mt Rainier. Tom shared his photos and the story of an intensive two day climb with 5 partners to summit Mt. Rainier by a difficult technical climbing route rather than the traditional route.

This route included both technical ice climbing as well as rock climbing starting early (before dawn) on the morning of the second day, summiting and returning on the second day. The hike out included a long rope rappel down and ice face and a delightful glissade down a snow slope that involves sliding on your bottom using your ice axe for a brake.

An Unexpected Gift

By Justine Vogel, President and CEO, RiverWoods

By Justine Vogel, RiverWoods President and CEO

2015 Sunday River senior ski trip with residents from RiverWoods at Exeter Continuing Care Retirement Community CCRC Exeter NH

Sometimes, out of nowhere, someone gives you a gift. About 5 years ago I received an unexpected gift from a group of RiverWoods residents. Jean Ingwersen and Lois Swick and a bunch of their friends were heading to Sunday River for an Elderhostel (now known as Road Scholar) ski trip. Knowing I was a Sunday River skier they gave me the gift of an invitation to join them and I did, and have, every year now for 5 years.

VIDEO: RiverWoods residents hitting the ski slopes (:41 sec.)

We got together last week with fresh snow, single digit temps, double digit winds and a whole host of good skill and good attitude. Over the course of the morning we hit 4 peaks and lots of fresh powder. We kept moving because the air was pretty arctic, but also because I was afraid they would razz me if I didn’t keep up!

My guess is that most skiers know that special feeling of freedom that skiing provides. Being in the splendor of the mountains and experiencing the rush of floating down the trail with fresh, fluffy snow spraying your shins…

A sweet sound of winter

Thank you to the RiverWoods Snow Removal Team!!As one resident put it, "Nothing sounds sweeter than the sound of someone else's shovel outside your window!" We're so proud of the hard working snow removal team here at RiverWoods! This crew has worked some long hours in recent weeks to keep up with this snowy winter!

The Epic of Gilgamesh Comes to Life

Blog and photos by Bob Jones, RiverWoods at Exeter resident since 2010Sebastian Lockwood brings The Epic of Gilgamesh Comes to Life at RiverWoods CCRC in Exeter NHOn a recent snowy evening Sebastian Lockwood, poet, educator and storyteller, came to RiverWoods to tell us the story of Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, Mesopotamia, "Surpassing all other Kings", the King of Kings, who lived some 2500 years BC.

Sebastian Lockwood managed to navigate the slippery roads from Greenfield, NH, west of Manchester, to RiverWoods in time to have dinner and a lively conversation with a small group of residents from The Woods, The Ridge and The Boulders.

And then the fun began. Sebastian started off slowly filing us in on the discovery of the 12 tablets of the Epic of Gilgamesh in the middle 1800s followed by a translation of the cuneiform text a few years later. The Epic of Gilgamesh is often regarded as the first great work of literature.

This synopsis from the web is the story that Sebastian related to us with the with enthusiasm and great animation as the attached photos show: