And the award goes to...

RiverWoods Business Management Program

Awarded 2017 Innovation of the year Award

Congratulation to the RiverWoods residents and staff who were recently presented with the 2017 Innovation of the Year Award from Leading Age Maine and New Hampshire! RiverWoods Awarded Innovation of the Year Award!

RiverWoods Exeter Awarded 2017 Innovation of the Year Award

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: A significant obstacle facing many aging services providers is that many staff lack essential business skills that will help them become more efficient managers. RiverWoods responded with an out of the box idea-- to create their own Business Management Program designed and delivered by residents. The Senior Team at RiverWoods recruited one exceptional resident volunteer, Dick Aplin, a former Dean at Cornell University, to serve as Dean of the new program. Dick then recruited an experienced faculty group who developed and delivered the curriculum to a select number of high performing front line supervisors. The program accomplishes two critical objectives: providing staff with real world tools that will help them grow professionally. Also, it provides residents with a meaningful way to give back, in life changing ways.

The twelve member resident facultyhas taken their role incredibly seriously, putting many hours of effort into creating a RiverWoods Case Study and delivering an easy-to-understand, thoughtful curriculum. One resident stated that she has not felt this intellectually stimulated in over 30 years. Staff have been equally engaged and excited, as they come to each class meticulously prepared, eager to learn, and incredibly appreciative of the opportunity to learn from the wealth of experience of the resident faculty.