Hiking Blue Job Mountain with Residents and Staff

RiverWoods Fitness has offered hikes over the past few years, and this year kicked off the new RiverWoods Outdoor Adventure Program, inspired by some very adventurous residents. As the fall foliage was moving into full radiance, a group of nine residents and six staff hiked Blue Job Mountain in Farmington, NH. In three years we have never had better weather than we did for Blue Job. The fire tower provide beautiful views, and staff member, Gary Willette (Maintenance Supervisor at The Ridge) provided a mountain-by-mountain breakdown of the skyline.RiverWoods residents and staff from Exeter NH retirement community hike Blue Job Mountain
Late August and mid-September included kayak trips on the Exeter River and in quiet waters of Portsmouth Harbor, launching in Newcastle.

RiverWoods community hikes Blue Job Mountain in FarmingtonBoth of these trips were led by Peter Sawtell, the owner of Seven Rivers Paddling in Durham, NH. Both days provided beautiful weather.Other trips included a late September hike up South Mountain from the Reservation Road trail head. This hike is the most challenging hike we offer at this point, and it is a true hike. Although the fire tower was not open, there were beautiful views for our picnic lunch and fun for all.