Art Exhibit: On Their Own Time

RiverWoods boasts some very creative residents.

Some residents are professional artists, while others discover the love of creating after retirement. They show their works regularly within the community and feature them in the RiverWoods resident art calendars.

Did you know that RiverWoods staff have creative talents as well?

Well, that’s what Jane, a resident of RiverWoods, wondered. She decided to find out. This idea resulted in a wonderful exhibit at the Boulders last month.

Jane put in a request to the Community Life team, who loved the idea. They put out flyers asking Boulders staff to submit anything they do “on their own time.” It didn’t necessarily have to be artwork. For example, Jane asked Sue, one of the staff members who take care of the bee hives at RiverWoods, to put in a jar of honey. She included pictures of Sue in her bee suit. The intention of the request was to cover all sorts of fun talents and hobbies.


It was a big hit!

The show featured a wide variety of items: yarn art, furniture refinishing, photography, painting, costume making, knitting, sculpture, and more.

The staff who submitted their pieces and the residents came together for a reception to kick off the exhibit. Sue Marcella, Community Life Director at the Boulders, was delighted at the result:

“The staff loved it”, she said, “and the residents enjoyed learning something new they may not have necessarily known about the people they interact with every day.”