Basket Weaving Enriches this Resident’s Life

Tina with one of her hand-woven baskets
Tina with one of her hand-woven baskets

RiverWoods allows residents to get creative!

When living at a CCRC, there is so much time to try a new hobby, interest, sport… you name it! Ridge resident Tina has been at RiverWoods for almost two years. When you ask her how she likes living here, she has nothing but positive things to say.

“The people. The people are so nice. The staff is unbelievable, every single person.”


Basket weaving classes at RiverWoods

Since joining the RiverWoods community, Tina picked up one of her new favorite hobbies, basket weaving. It came naturally to her, which is no surprise as she used to be an elementary art teacher.

Nantucket baskets made by RiverWoods residents

Tina discovered that basket weaving classes, particularly to make Nantucket baskets, were offered here before she became a resident. She had read about it in The RiverWoods Resident Reporter. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, she had to put her desire to learn this art form aside. “Once pandemic restrictions eased,” she said, “the minute — and I mean the minute — COVID ended, I was there.”

The added benefits of basket weaving

Tina learned basket weaving from another resident, who has now become a very close friend. They basket weave together every week.┬áHer favorite part of basket weaving? “It’s so meditative,” Tina replies. “It’s quiet, but you have to focus, and can’t think about anything else.”

“I can’t stand to not have a basket to weave.”

It typically takes around 20 hours to make a basket, depending on its size. Tina gives most of her baskets to family members.

Many other activities are available here

Aside from her basket weaving hobby, Tina stays busy doing many things around campus, including signing up for the fitness programs being offered. “I exercise a lot,” she says.

Creatively, Tina has used the pottery studio, where she made ceramic feathers. She even practices the flute!


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