Resident & Staff Kayak Adventure

The RiverWoods Fitness team is always leading the way in health and wellness activities for both residents and staff. A recent RiverWoods Outdoor Adventure trip combined fun, safety, learning and camaraderie for the community's first resident and staff kayak trip! Looks like fun!

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Intern's Final Blog

By Cam Johansson, 2016 RiverWoods Marketing Intern

It is almost September which means summer is unfortunately coming to a close, along with my time here at RiverWoods this summer. The feeling I have is very similar to feeling you get when your favorite television show that has been running for ten seasons, is on the series finale. As the viewer, you’re hanging on to every last minute, enjoying every second of it, when finally the final scene comes on.

Birch Hill Terrace-RiverWoods affiliation OKd

Agreement aims to bring ‘fresh ideas and resources to the table'

BY JEFF FEINGOLD, NH Business Review

Published: July 12, 2016

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State regulators have officially approved the affiliation agreement between Birch Hill Terrace, a continuing care retirement community in Manchester, and The RiverWoods Group, parent company of the RiverWoods continuing care retirement community in Exeter.


Birch Hill to Begin $9 million Renovation and Improvement Plan

Cathleen Toomey
[email protected]

July 12, 2016, Manchester Birch Hill Terrace, a non-profit charitable Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) with roots in Manchester that go back 125 years, announced an affiliation with The RiverWoods Group, a non-profit, charitable organization that is parent company of RiverWoods Continuing Care Retirement Community ( CCRC), based in Exeter, New Hampshire.

LOGOS_IMG00341This announcement is the culmination of a two year process of discussion and deliberation between the two boards. The affiliation has received approval by the NH Department of Insurance, which governs CCRCs, as well as the NH Department of Charitable Trust, which must review and approve such proposals in the state.

“We are thrilled that our work together has culminated in this partnership,” said Gary Zabierek, President of Birch Hill Terrace. “This affiliation will bring fresh ideas and resources to the table. Next month we will start a major capital investment in our physical plant, which will transform the look of our apartment homes, and bring new energy to the community.”

Justine Vogel, CEO and President of The RiverWoods Group added, “Although we have not taken this step until now, Birch Hill and RiverWoods already share identical values and mission; we were both founded by grassroots community members interested in improving the lives of others. Together, we can provide peace of mind to more seniors in New Hampshire. As two charitable non-profit CCRCs we will both benefit from an affiliation.”

With approval in hand, improvements are the next step. Birch Hill is revealing their plans for a reimaged community, and will be investing $9 million in the next 24 months into the building. This will be the single largest capital investment in the company’s history.

Nationally, there are close to 2000 Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and the concept has been around for more than 100 years. With that said, the story of this “holistic approach” to senior care is only now being shared with the public. Although it’s growing, right now there only are a handful of CCRCs in northern New England. However, interest and education about this concept has been rapidly increasing among retirees. CCRCs welcome people 62 years or older, to enter as independent residents. Once there, residents can enjoy a variety of amenities (housekeeping, laundry service, dining, inside and outside maintenance, programs and exercise classes), while making friends. As they age, if a resident needs a higher level of care, it is available to them within the same campus. Depending on the CCRC contract type, this is generally at a reduced cost. Additionally, often a resident can get a refund on their initial entrance fee, when they pass away or move. To provide affordability and meet the needs of a clientele looking for comfort and quality care, the majority of CCRCs are non-profit, and many are organized within systems.

In addition to its capital improvement plans, Birch Hill has also created a new program, the Leader’s Circle, that provides significant financial incentives and special home upgrades to a limited number of people. The plans for Leader’s Circle will be reviewed at a luncheon program open to the public on September 21, at LaBelle Winery. To reserve a seat, please contact [email protected] or call 603-836-2302.

“We will transform our campus in the next 2 years,” said Gary Zabierek. “I can tell you that if you think you’ve seen Birch Hill, you owe it to yourself to take a second look.”

American Independence Festival - July 16, 2016

We hope to see you at Saturday's American Independence Festival in Exeter! Be sure to stop by the RiverWoods Exeter and Society of St Vincent de Paul Exeter NH tents to say hello!

RiverWoods Scholarships Presented

$27,000 awarded to this year's scholarship recipients

The women and men who founded RiverWoods all had long histories of community service. They understood the principles of service to others, and wove that into our founding commitments "To be a responsible community that participates in the life of the larger community around it".

We love it when the grandkids visit!

We love it whe the grandkids visit us at RiverWoods - Exeter NHWe always love it when family comes to visit! This shot of a RIverWoods resident and her grandson is so precious that we just had to share! He visits his grandmother regularly and always enjoys swimming in the pool and meeting his grandmother’s neighbors. Before this photo was taken- the young guitar enthusiast had the chance to visit with

New Kid in The Woods

By Cam Johansson, 2016 RiverWoods Marketing Intern

My first week at RiverWoods as the newest addition to the marketing department flew by. I met a lot of employees, board members, residents and I even developed a nickname in my first week, even though it’s not the greatest nickname… Unicorn.  Unfortunately you can’t pick your nickname. The nickname Unicorn came about when I started telling people I am a marketing and finance major at the University of New Hampshire.

Another Medalist Among Us

When she was 12 years old, Woods resident Barbara Boley learned to swim at a camp in Connecticut. She had no opportunity to swim again until  moving to Hanover, New Hampshire in 1970, where she used Dartmouth’s 25 yard pool.

Walt Sanderson Honored!

Walt Sanderson has worked in the Woodshop at the Woods 17 years, and much of that time he has managed the shop.  He is well known for his yarn spindles and  loon candy boxes.  All shop users appreciate his friendly help and supervision of the shop, and for this he was honored by a small ceremony at the noon sitting of the Dining Hall when he and Ann were both present.