Career Growth at RiverWoods

Where could your journey with RiverWoods take you? RiverWoods takes pride in the fact that close to 80% of our leadership positions have been filled internally. If you’re open to expanding your horizons and are looking for an organization where you can grow and develop, look no further.

Continuing Education through College for America

RiverWoods is a partner of College for America, an accredited, nonprofit college dedicated to making a college degree achievable for every working adult: flexibly scheduled, competency-based college degree program for just $2,500 a year (only $1,000 if you qualify for tuition reimbursement). College for America provides an opportunity for staff to earn an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree through a program that fits within their work and home life, as well as their budget. Employees can build promotable skills to help them advance their careers with RiverWoods as we continue to grow.

Emerging Leaders Program

The RiverWoods Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a two year leadership program for employees who are looking to develop their leadership skills. The purpose of the ELP is to enrich the next generation of leaders in ways that will inspire and equip employees for future leadership roles at RiverWoods. Participants will attend a variety of educational sessions to better understand our business and our industry, visit other retirement communities to network with their peers and share best practices, learn from our Senior Leadership Team and have the opportunity to engage with a mentor. It’s a unique chance to build connections with other high potential, highly engaged employees from across departments and campuses.

LNA Career Ladders

The award-winning LNA Career Ladders program is an exciting opportunity for our Nursing Assistants to grow within their field. As participants progress through the various levels, they are provided opportunities to serve as preceptors to new staff, assist with work on policies and procedures, lead in-service training sessions for other staff, work on quality improvement projects, in addition to earning bonuses for both achieving and maintaining their elevated status. This is a unique and powerful opportunity for both job growth and personal improvement in their knowledge and skills. Graduates have demonstrated increased confidence and leadership ability among their peers.

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