Gearing up for Portsmouth PRIDE Parade

Group of residents and staff walking in the parade to promote inclusivity

An Inclusivity Goal Group was created in September 2015 by the RiverWoods Exeter Resident Council to understand how we can promote and encourage inclusivity among RiverWoods Exeter Residents, Staff and Board. The group decided that "inclusivity" was a better word choice than "diversity" when talking about being a community that accepts and welcomes a wide variety of people.

some members of the RiverWoods Exeter Inclusivity Goal Group

Click to read our RiverWoods Exeter Inclusivity Philosophy.

As part of their two years of work, the Inclusivity Goal Group drafted a philosophy of Inclusivity, which was reviewed, adjusted and approved by both the Resident Council, as well as the Board of Trustees (click here to read the philosophy).

Residents and staff are participating in the Portsmouth PRIDE parade as one way to demonstrate that we are an open and accepting community - the Inclusivity Goal Group has also hosted a number of other lectures and educational opportunities as part of their work

Click here to view more information on the Portsmouth PRIDE event, including the parade route and other event details.