Proving you don't have to be retired to live here...

What does retirement mean for you ?

For RiverWoods Exeter resident, Pat Wall, it means researching, writing, and promoting her third book. LIVES OF CONSEQUENCES: Blacks in Early Kittery and Berwick in the Massachusetts Province of Maine is being published by the Portsmouth Marine Society Press under the auspices of the Portsmouth Historical Society and the New Hampshire Black Heritage Trail. This book’s premier and meet-the-author will take place at the Discover Portsmouth Center, 10 Middle Street, on Friday, August 4 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

About the Author:

For the past forty-eight years, Patricia Quigley Wall has been involved with New England’s colonial history through professional museum work, research, teaching, and writing.

In 1995, thanks to meeting Valerie Cunningham and learning of her ground-breaking research, Pat became interested in Portsmouth’s early Black history which resulted in her writing an historical novel for children about a fictional early 19th century Black family in Portsmouth – CHILD OUT OF PLACE: A Story of New England (published in 2004). Her sequel book – BEYOND FREEDOM (published 2010) – followed that fictional family into 1812 Boston as they settled into a new and hopeful Black community on the north slope of Beacon Hill.

Since that first book, Pat has visited with well over 11,000 school children throughout New England and given numerous lectures and teachers’ seminars – all in an effort to help awaken greater awareness of the importance of this region’s early Black history.

In 2009, Pat began researching the presence of enslaved blacks and their owners in early Kittery and Berwick, Maine – a topic long buried in obscurity and myth. 

For more information on Pat's book and book signing: click here to visit the Discover Portsmouth website