The RiverWoods Way and our Core Values

Our passion as employees is to pursue purposeful work, and to make a difference in our residents’ lives. Our jobs may be to cook, clean, mow lawns, fix appliances, paint, build, check medications, and serve meal, but every employee’s primary responsibility is to care for our residents and ensure they can live their best possible life. Working at RiverWoods is a unique opportunity, as we work in our residents’ home. No matter your role, you can be assured this is no ordinary job. Here, employees experience so much more – a sense of purpose, a rewarding career, and a supportive, caring and innovative atmosphere.

Core Values

Our employees embody our core values in every interaction, because they believe and understand that every person matters, every job is meaningful, and every moment matters.

  • Mutuality comes from understanding we only succeed through and with teamwork.
  • We demonstrate Authenticity and strive to be our best self.
  • We are Not for Self and show a consistent will to give more than we receive.
  • We show Respect for the Individual and realize there’s a person at the end of every decision we make.
  • We practice personal and organizational Sustainability.

At RiverWoods, your work has special meaning. There is an expectation of excellence that is supported with resources and recognition at all levels that makes being excellent possible for each employee. We are committed to growing from within, promote a healthy work/life balance, and provide a variety of opportunities for our employees to grow both personally and professionally. Often we hear from our staff that this is unlike any other environment in which they’ve worked. Each and every person plays a critical role in achieving our mission to create community and provide peace of mind. Having more than 500 team members working together towards this common goal is incredibly powerful.

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