Cornicello Helps Celebrate RiverWoods Centenarian

Mrs. Esther Berkowitz, a resident at RiverWoods, turned 100 years old recently. Her family took her to Cornicello, a new Italian restaurant in downtown Exeter, where the menu even made mention of her. Thank you, to the staff at Cornicello, for helping celebrate this centenarian!

RiverWoods Exeter currently has nine residents who are one hundred years old and older. The key to long life, as we have experienced here at RiverWoods, and as verified by studies of Adult Development by organizations such as Harvard University, is the relationships we cultivate and maintain throughout our lives. Dr. Robert Waldinger, who heads the 80-year study at Harvard, says:

“People who live the longest and were the happiest as they grew older were the people who were more connected to others socially and who had warmer relationships with other people.”

Learn more about the Harvard study by listening to the interview by Cathleen Toomey with Dr. Waldinger for the Seniority Authority podcast, episode 1, here.