Environmentally-Responsible Partnerships: RAM Printing

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With Sustainability as one of our Core Values, we take the environment very seriously. In honor of Earth Month, we’re highttps://riverwoodsrc.org/our-story/hlighting a few key areas in which we at RiverWoods Exeter are working to be good stewards both of our community and of our environment.

For the last 20 years, RAM Printing has been an innovator and industry leader in environmentally-responsible printing practices.

We’re proud to be partnering with RAM Printing & Mailing Services out of Hampstead, NH, an organization that has taken a giant leap forward, making sustainable, environmentally-freindly choices decades ago that were years ahead of the printing industry. Almost all of our marketing materials are produced by RAM including our Annual Report, Resident Art Calendar, event invitations, and all our marketing collateral.

The printing industry used to be an extremely toxic environment.

Approximately twenty years ago, RAM made a commitment both to their employees and to the environment to make some major changes. They switched to soy and vegetable-based inks, and water-based solutions that were previously composed of petroleum and alcohol. They converted all of their equipment to run on these products, knowing that such a move was an expensive investment, but good for the health of the employees and for the environment.

Years ago, when RAM made this decision towards sustainability and environmentally-responsible practices, it cost a premium to use recyclable or recycled materials. Today, thanks to technology and increased demand, they’re now more cost-effective to use environmentally-friendly recycled materials than virgin materials.

Almost All By-Products Are Recycled

At RAM all of the by-products from the printing process are recycled including waste ink, pallets, corrugated cardboard, waste paper, even the metal plates used in the printing process. Hardly anything goes in the dumpster!

RAM Printing is a member of New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility and a founding member of the original Green Alliance.

RAM even provides printing services for 20 other local printers because their clients are asking for environmentally-responsible materials. They also do work for the food industry, in which food-safe inks, papers, packaging, and inserts are required.

RiverWoods is committed to using our resources wisely, pursuing environmentally-friendly options and opportunities that benefit our community today, without taking away from the planet and generations to come.