Resident Life: From Cartography to Crafting

artwork made by Peg, crafting
Pictured: Peg and some of her artwork

When you join the RiverWoods community, you have the freedom to express yourself! Residents have happily discovered that when the household chores they used to engage in are handled for them by RiverWoods staff, their time is freed up to spend on activities they love, such as crafting.

Peg and her husband Jim knew that RiverWoods would be their future home when they were invited to visit a friend’s father who was a resident here. They moved into the Woods about 10 years ago and have loved it ever since.

“I love the peace of mind, just knowing that we will be taken care of,” Peg says. They discovered that residents of RiverWoods have many opportunities to pursue their passions. That freedom allowed Peg to try felting and to continue her love of rug hooking.

Discovering a new craft

Peg has a degree in Earth Sciences and is retired from a career in cartography. When an aunt visited Peg’s house in New Hampshire in the 1980s, she learned about rug hooking. “She told me, ‘This house needs hooked rugs.'”

“I didn’t really know much about what they were,” Peg admits. But she was intrigued and found an opportunity to take a one-day workshop at Strawbery Banke. When asked what she loves best about rug hooking she replies, “It’s a creative outlet.”

“I discovered a craft I am comfortable with.
It’s exciting to discover a new creative activity that I can do.”


From scientist to craftsman and exhibit curator

Peg’s art combines the skill of rug hooking with felting and she shows her work frequently at RiverWoods and other places. Many of her pieces are inspired by nature, especially birds.

craft pieces made by resident Peg
Showing details of Peg’s felted art.

Her involvement in rug hooking and art led to Peg working at an art museum in Cape Cod, where she curated exhibits. She is currently a member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. Exhibiting her work, she says, brings her more joy than selling it.

What would Peg say to others who want to discover a craft?

“It doesn’t matter how good or bad it is to start with. Just do it.”

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