Help Parents Plan for Independence and Care

It’s hard to think about health care when your parents are still vital and energetic — so how can you best help them plan for the future, while maintaining their independence?

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I walk so much-

Daisy Mae, my beagle mix, and I go for a walk three or four times a day. There’re tons of places for us to explore right here on the Birch Hill campus.

Independent Living, Transformed

Choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) like Birch Hill will give your loved ones the opportunity to live a care-free, active life. Birch Hill is a non-profit retirement community that welcomes independent adults 62 years or greater. If health care needs arise, personalized, award-winning care is available within the same community — Assisted Living, Nursing Care, and Memory Care — at a significantly discounted rate.

Without the burden of home maintenance, housekeeping, or even cooking dinner every night, your parents will have time to enjoy a vast array of programs, classes, and activities. We take care of the details and your loved ones enjoy complete independence, in a community with others who share the same interests.

See Your Loved Ones Live Independently

An Active Community of Friends

Compared to those living on their own, Birch Hill residents lead more active lives, meet more friends, and have more free time to do what they enjoy. With complimentary local transportation and a wide array of activities on campus to choose from, no matter what the season or the weather, your loved ones will have more freedom at Birch Hill than living on their own.

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Friendship & Community At Birch Hill


of people age 85 or older have Alzheimer’s at an estimated cost of $350,000.


Average income lost by caregivers each year of caregiving.

It was a win-win...

for us to choose Birch Hill. We have a secure plan for our future together, but we'll also have something to leave our family with Birch Hill's 50% refundable contract. Not to mention the benefits we're aleady receiving on our taxes!

Levels of Care

Birch Hill offers four levels of care to meet your loves one’s needs. They can join us as an independent resident, and if their needs change in the future, they are able to receive Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Nursing Care within the same community, cared for by staff you know and trust.

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of Adult Children helped as a caregiver.


of caregivers who are “sandwich generation” caregivers, providing care to children as well as older adults.

With the uncertainty of rising health care costs, Birch Hill offers invaluable peace of mind.


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