Memory Support in Exeter, NH

Caring, trained professionals provide programming to support cognitive function and memory.

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At RiverWoods Exeter, we are known for person-centered care, including for those with memory needs. We offer top-quality professional care by experienced and caring staff, trained in dementia care, who work individually with each resident. All private rooms ensure privacy, as well as 24-hour emergency response.

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I could never provide. Mom is safe and enjoying a stimulating home-like environment getting the best quality care. I can be her daughter, and her friend, not her caregiver.

Individualized and Personal

We offer person-centered care and specially-designed programming to stimulate and enhance cognitive function for Memory Support residents, exploring music, art, and interactive programs, as well as field trips.

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Speaking For Myself

Speaking for Myself was created for residents to record their preferences, needs, values and choices, to assure a way to relay an individual’s desires for a future time when they might not be able to do so for themselves. Dementia and Memory loss present a challenge to caregivers and family members who strive to understand and appreciate the behavior, likes and dislikes, fears and pleasures that many times have been formed in younger years. It was also meant to capture information that adult children might not know or realize.

Speaking for Myself was designed to follow a resident from the Independent Living Wellness Clinic to the Healthcare units as a way for each resident to personally inform their future caregivers of what is important and meaningful to them. Information recorded in the form can range from “the name I like to be called” to “family traditions and customs” to “pet peeves” and “what gives me comfort” and everything in between. This is not a legal form. It is intended as a resource and whether a resident chooses to use the form is optional.

Developed as a RiverWoods Exeter project by members of the Communication Committee. Created by residents Ellie Crow, Nancy and Jack Taylor, and Anne Reed in collaboration with Cindy Martin, Vice President of Quality.

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I’d rather my family remain my family, not my future caregivers.

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Top Memory Care FAQs

  • What Health Care Services do you offer?

    As a nationally-accredited Continuing Care Retirement Community, at RiverWoods you benefit from living within a vibrant and active senior living community and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a plan, no matter what your future health care needs may be. Join us as an independent resident, and if your needs change in the future, you are able to receive Assisted Living, Memory Support, or Nursing Care within the same community, cared for by staff you know and trust.

    When or if you ever need help with the activities of daily living, we’ll design a personalized plan to help you live life to its fullest — within the same community while maintaining your privacy and your highest level of independence.

    Sometimes, all it takes is one patch of ice, one missed step or one minor fall, and your entire life can be thrown into discord for months. A routine hip surgery or knee replacement becomes a significant lifestyle struggle. Be assured that rehabilitative care is here, when or if you ever need it.

  • What if my spouse needs health care before I do?

    Often spouses age differently, and one spouse may need more care than another. Caregiving can put a strain on any relationship, but at RiverWoods these relationships are preserved. One person can receive Assisted Living level of care, allowing the other to be a spouse, not a caregiver.

  • Who decides if I need more care and what type of care I need?

    Moving from Independent Living to health care is a conversation you participate in, not a decision made on your behalf. If care needs are increasing, and you need more help, we will invite you and your family to meet with our team and discuss what kinds of additional help you may need, and how RiverWoods can help. We would decide together if a change would be more beneficial for you and where it would make the most sense for you to receive that care.

  • What happens if I need a higher level of care?

    By choosing RiverWoods you are ensuring a complete continuum of care plan as your health needs change. Our residents are able to transition from Independent Living to Assisted Living to Memory Support or Nursing Care, whenever it is needed and for as long as necessary. Providing all levels of care within one community prevents a disruptive change or a second move when your health care needs have changed.

    Each person is unique. With our professional, caring staff, we provide our health center residents with a highly-individualized, personal care plan. Each resident enjoys a private room and bathroom, in a comforting, home-like environment. Going beyond the activities of daily living to provide more intensive and individual care, our staff treats each resident with respect and dignity.

  • Do I need long term care insurance?

    Long Term Care insurance is not a requirement at RiverWoods. However, depending on what your policy covers, it may reimburse you for expenses when utilizing the services in Assisted Living, Memory Support, Nursing Care.