National CARF Accreditation

There are slightly more than 1,900 CCRC’s around the country, but only 14% of them are accredited. RiverWoods Exeter was one of the youngest communities to be accredited by CARF International, the nation’s only accrediting body for these types of communities.

RiverWoods Exeter is CARF Accredited
In spring 2014, RiverWoods Exeter was re-accredited for five additional years, and earning placement in the top three percent of accredited communities nationwide.

Areas of Strength: Industry-leading practices at RiverWoods Exeter


The following highlights are excerpted from the recent accreditation report:

RiverWoods at Exeter has earned a Five-Year Term of Accreditation. On balance, RiverWoods has demonstrated a commitment to excellence that is clearly visible and deeply embedded. The organization's adherance to the CARF-CCAC standards was consistently borne out in daily interactions among the residents, staff, and visitors. The organization promotes a person-centered environment with a comprehensive array of programs and services that is designed by, with, and for the individual resident. Resident feedback is sought out and encouraged on an ongoing basis. The physical plant is fully accessible and is conducive to providing a wide variety of services and programs. The organization appears to have the commitment and resources to continue to use the CARF-CCAC standards to further enhance the provision of its services.

- This is a vibrant organization firmly rooted in the founders' vision of a retirement community.

- The staff at RiverWoods is an efficient and caring component of the organization's success. The fond relationship established between the residents and the staff is extremely visible and heartfelt. This rapport ranges from the pleasant exchanges in the hallways to the more structured discussions carried out in the varied committee meetings that cover a range of topics. A novel approach is staff members bringing in and presenting their personal hobbies to interested residents. This raises the rapport to a much more meaningful and personal level.

- RiverWoods provides each person served with a comprehensive and fully implemented person-centered environment with a comprehensive array of programs and services that are designed by, with, and for the individual resident.

- The leadership team encourages and actively seeks feedback in numerous ways, including cards located in all dietary areas, suggestion boxes, resident and staff surveys with analysis, open discussion forums, resident council forums, and regular town hall coffee gatherings with the CEO.

- The physical environment at all three residential locations is fully accessible, offering equal amenities for the full benefit of respective residents. Leadership is focused on ensuring that all areas of physical plant are appropriate and accessible for each person served and for an extensive array of services and programs. There is an assortment of large common areas and smaller rooms available for group activities. There are adequate safe outdoor areas and walking paths designed to accommodate all levels of ambulation. Areas designed and available for exercise, swimming, wood working, and gardening are open and available to all residents. There is a process for continuous monitoring and assessment of space usage, and resident input is regularly considered regarding space needs and reconfiguration of design and accessibility. Appropriate changes are made as the needs change.

-RiverWoods offers a variety of activities for all residents to foster and support a full range of health and wellness aspects, including physical, emotional/metal, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental, and vocational. There is an array of resident-directed committees focused on ensuring that each specific activity, social event, and/or educational opportunity addresses the choices and needs of those interested and those who choose to participate.

- Residents speak of the ongoing educational opportunities at RiverWoods, and the Resident Education Committee is one of the most active committees at RiverWoods. Outside speakers, as well as residents with specific expertise, education, and/or experience on a wide variety of subjects are routinely scheduled to provide educational sessions, discussion groups, and skills training.

- The dietary department has sought and developed a local network of farms that routinely deliver fresh organic fruits and vegetables to provide a more natural and nutritionally balanced diet to benefit each person served. Dietary staff provides in-house scratch cooking and on-site bakery. The department strives to provide a menu that not only meets all dietary requirements, but also reflects the choices and cultural dishes requested by persons served. Residents appreciate food services and the total dining experience. On resident surveys, respondents consistently give high ratings for meals and meal service at all RiverWoods locations.

- The Resident Council is active, is involved, and seeks opportunities to meet the relevant needs, concerns, and desires of its fellow residents. Members have a cordial and open relationship with the CEO and the entire leadership team. A review of resident meetings is produced and aired on the RiverWoods closed circuit television stations for the benefit of any resident who is unable to attend the actual meetings.