Meet Your Neighbors

There Are Many Ways to Stay Active at Birch Hill

Meet Your Neighbors

Caryl Buckley

“We were surprised by how much we enjoy it here. We thought we were [choosing a CCRC] because it was a sensible thing to do, but everyone is so nice. It’s such a warm and open group!

Every night there is something going on. The Bridge group Tuesday nights in one of the sun porches. Saturday night is game night with all kinds of options. If you don’t know how to play, they’ll teach you.

There’s a lot we benefit from by living at Birch Hill. We signed up for a lot of the trips immediately after moving in. There were things we’d always wanted to do, but never got around to it – trips like visiting the State House in Concord and the Culinary School at Southern New Hampshire University.”

Nancy McGann

“I was very pleased to find out very quickly that it doesn’t take long to meet people here. Everybody is very friendly! It was such an easy transition, I hardly noticed the difference.

Art and Graphic Design have always been a part of my life, and I’ve been able to continue to use my skills since moving to Birch Hill. I am the graphic editor for the Birch Hill newsletter and I design brochures and hand-outs for the Benevolence Committee. I’ve also been a volunteer for the last nine years at the Currier Museum, giving tours of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Zimmerman House.

My biggest fear was that [my home at Birch Hill] would be too small and I wouldn’t have enough room — I downsized 50% of what I had prior to moving. Letting go of so much, you really think you’re going to miss it, but you know, I don’t miss any of it!”

Dennis McMann

“I was surprised at how easily we adapted when we moved from a larger home — the friendliness of the residents, and the staff who was willing to do anything we needed made our transition go smoothly.

In addition to my role on the Board of Trustees I’m active with our Civic Committee. We bring in political candidates for various state and federal offices and let them speak and answer questions from the residents. We also work to get as many residents as possible to vote by helping them to register and by providing transportation on voting day.

I love that Birch Hill is close to a substantial city and yet still in the woods. It’s quiet and removed and wonderful and it doesn’t take too long to get anywhere!”

Carol Ann Howe

“There’re so many things to do here, I wish I had more time! I’m on the Resident Council and I volunteer in the Country Store. I’m also a member of the ELF committee – we’re always looking for other residents who have a specialty to share – like our recent nature program. We had a resident tell us all about the flora and fauna we could find right here on the Birch Hill’s 29-acre campus.

I try to do as many of the fitness activities as I can. I really enjoy the new Dance Step class – one of the residents plays the piano while we do everything from the cha cha to the tango to the twist!

Daisy Mae, my beagle mix, and I go for a walk three or four times a day. There’re tons of places for us to explore right here on the Birch Hill campus.

I’m surprised by how well people get along here. When you think about it – bringing people together from all backgrounds from all over the country, yet somehow, we are one big happy family. If something happens to one of us, it happens to all of us.”