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A Community Committed to Giving Back

We believe that living life to the fullest means helping others do the same. Our founders wove the spirit of service throughout the RiverWoods commitments: “To be a responsible community that participates in the life of the larger community around it.”

Since our founding in 1994, RiverWoods has created many opportunities to contribute to our greater community — both as individuals and as an organization. RiverWoods employees and residents are involved in many causes throughout the greater Seacoast area and are known for their charitable work.

The RiverWoods Exeter Gala

From the year we opened, this community has held a fundraiser for another local nonprofit. The Gala is part of a two-decade-long tradition of investing in social capital which has meant more than $500,000 for local charities from a total of eleven galas. The Gala and live and silent auction are held every two years, and open to all. RiverWoods donates many items and time to organize the event. All event proceeds go to the designated charity; the most recent gala event in 2018 netted $165,000 in one evening for Seacoast Family Promise.

The Selection Process

Prior to each event, a committee of RiverWoods residents and staff together review applications from interested recipients and choose the organization that is most compatible with RiverWoods’ mission. Once the partnership is formed, RiverWoods and the organization hold several staff and resident events leading up to the next Gala. RiverWoods strongly believes in creating a partnership with the beneficiary that will last beyond the Gala event.

Agencies are selected on a variety of factors — how well their mission suits the theme and their ability to partner and plan for the Gala. Selection criteria include that the agency:

  • Be committed to the goal of family health and well being
  • Be a member of the larger Exeter community
  • Provide positive value in human services and must be a 501(c)(3)

In addition to the Gala Auction, RiverWoods actively collaborates with the selected organization throughout the duration of their partnership.

About Seacoast Family Promise

Seacoast Family Promise has been serving families in need from a range of backgrounds since 2003 by helping families experiencing homelessness to find stable housing and return to self-sufficiency. Whether it’s due to a lost job, poor health of a family member, or any number of unforeseen circumstances, Seacoast Family Promise provides initial temporary housing, food, and shelter. They are also committed to helping those families on a structured journey back to self-sufficiency and the return to a place they can call home.

Cathleen Toomey, Director of Marketing of RiverWoods

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