Advice on How to Downsize Your Life

Downsizing can be a big challenge for people considering moving to a Retirement Community like RiverWoods. If you’ve lived in your home for more than 10 years, you’ve accumulated so much that it is probably getting in the way of living the life you want. At our recent downsizing event here at RiverWoods, downsizing expert Kathy Ashton and a panel of residents gave us some very useful advice on how to “start early and end happy as” Kathy Ashton says.


Kathy Ashton share some advice on starting the downsizing process:



Hear more from Kathy and one our residents on how to best tackle the challenge of downsizing:


Top 20 Downsizing Tips   

For most people, the thought of downsizing their possessions is daunting. RiverWoods asked Kathy Ashton, Senior Move Manager, Certified Relocation Transition Specialist and owner of Home Transitions, LLC , to develop these notes on downsizing. The Top 20 Downsizing tips is a good place to start. For more resources contact Kathy Ashton .

Important Papers Notebook

This notebook is a place for you to keep all the critical papers, names, number, addresses, etc. of the things in your life that are important! The following is my suggestion of a table of contents that you can use to put together the notebook.
Once you have completed this notebook, you will ten have everything in one place so that it is easy for you and you family members to find. -Kathy Ashton, Home Transitions, LLC

Click here to view the  Important Papers Notebook

Inspiration for Downsizing Your Possesions

By Kathy Ashton, Home Transitions, LLC

Downsizing quote Downsizing and leaving a long-time home is a special passage in life — one that deserves time, caring attention, and practical support. Each person’s situation is unique.

Sorting through a lifetime of accumulation can be done! I have helped many people make successful mid-life and later-life moves, and guided families faced with unexpected loss to gain meaning and comfort sorting through family treasures.

Imagine the array of accumulated things: furniture, silver, china, linens, glassware, pottery, artwork, old photos, cameras, costume and fine jewelry, musical instruments, toys, postcards, coins & stamps, books & comics, sewing items, decorative items, tools. A person can choose favorite items going to their new home, and sell leftover items, and give some away.

The first benefit of getting help is developing a plan including a customized system to help organize possessions. With a plan, a given time frame, and experienced help, people can have the energy to find meaning in the process and appreciate the results!

The work begins by sorting through everything in the home with help – family, friends, neighbors, or a professional helper. Plenty of time should be set aside to go through personal papers, photos, closets, and drawers, because this step often takes the most time.

Letting go of things that have been lived with for a long time is often hard, but joy can be found in giving items to family and friends who will cherish them, and to favorite charities who can use them, or getting extra cash by selling some.

Moving time is ripe for personal growth and healing. When the person settles into their new home, they can have a sense of satisfaction about the past and hope for the future. I wish everyone would grab the chance to harvest the stories and feelings that emerge during the sorting process. Many items not seen or touched in many years hold memories.

Reminiscing is a combination of a little grief and a lot of celebration. Some families take this opportunity to preserve life stories in many creative ways. Before moving, plan a time to celebrate the memories and accomplishments with a special gathering or meaningful ritual.

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Remember we can never lose our real selves: integrity, morals, values, priorities, faith, and beliefs. Those are the things that define us no matter what our circumstance …no one can take those from us… and they are really easy to pack!

The joy is in the journey……..a long journey begins with the first step


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