Strategies for Mastering Unexpected Change with Dr. Everett Moitoza

In this webinar, Dr. Everett Moitoza talks about:

  • Expected vs. Unexpected Change
  • The “Marathoner vs. Sprinter” Response in Change
  • “Ready, Fire, Aim” – When Action is your Enemy
  • Developing Change-Hardy Skills & Resiliency

Dr. Everett Moitoza is a business psychologist who has consulted to hundreds of businesses across all industries. His focus has been on interpersonal and organizational conflict and change management issues – especially those related to family businesses and partnerships. His opinions and solutions regarding business and performance issues are frequently sought and published by the business and news media. Everett has a doctorate in psychology from Boston University, an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, a master’s in behavioral sciences from Bridgewater University, and a bachelor’s in music from Berklee College of Music. He has taught graduate-level courses at Harvard, Boston, Northeastern, and Lesley Universities. At present, he is conducting research on the experience and management of change in family businesses and partnerships

This webinar originally aired on Tuesday, June 23, at 10 am