Retired Adults Benefit from Creativity

“There are many ways for mature adults to make their senior living community feel like home, but nothing seems to bring people together like celebrations of the arts.

So starts an article in the Winter 2022 issue of Golden Years, published in February, featuring a number of senior living communities, including RiverWoods.

The leadership team at RiverWoods has always known about the overwhelmingly positive impact of the arts on the community. One of the benefits residents remark upon when they come to live at RiverWoods, is that many household chores are taken care of by the staff, including cooking, cleaning, landscaping, and snow clearing. This gives residents a lot of time to explore their talents and interests. And many of them do!

art and crafts at RiverWoods in one of the art studios

Take a Class or Join a Group

Art classes at RiverWoods give residents a chance to be creative among friends. There are several art studios on campus,  such as this one (image to the left) showing baskets and paintings by residents. The space allows them to engage in basket weaving, pottery, painting, fiber arts, music, and woodworking.

Residents can join choral and music groups that regularly perform. Or they can take part in groups that promote and support poetry, creative writing, and newsletter creation. Art galleries on campus feature year-round rotating exhibits of resident artwork, curated by the resident art committee.

“Whether our residents join the community as accomplished artists or they are simply looking to learn a new skill, creative arts are something that brings our community together as they share and grow their talent,” says Adelle Gabrielson, Marketing Manager of the RiverWoods Group.

Sharing Your Talents with Others

Bob, one RiverWoods resident, began painting at the age of 78 after the loss of his wife, who was an artist. He didn’t want her art supplies to go to waste, so he took a chance. He picked up the paintbrush and hasn’t put it down since.

Painting by resident chosen for the Resident Calendar

Bob’s piece “All Tied Up,” featuring boats in a harbor in Maine, is one of a selection of artworks featured in the community’s Resident Art Calendar, an opportunity to showcase their artistry.

“Many of our residents perform or have artwork on display locally. Whether it’s trips to special exhibitions in Boston, or local theater and music performances, our residents have always been passionate both about participating in and supporting the arts,” says Liz Smith Ford, Events and Programming Coordinator at RiverWoods Exeter.

Attend a Concert, Play or Visit a Museum

The Community Life team that coordinates events for residents is constantly brainstorming new ideas to enjoy the arts. They organize outings to various museums, theaters, and other cultural venues.

The RiverWoods Group sponsors several local venues, including The Music Hall and Prescott Park Arts Festival in Portsmouth, NH; the Palace Theater and the Currier Museum in Manchester, NH; the American Independence Museum, in Exeter, NH; and the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, ME.

Whatever a resident’s particular artistic passion, hobby, or talent, RiverWoods is where one can explore these with encouragement and support.

Members of RiverWoods music ensemble; artist painting outdoors at RiverWoods
Members of RiverWoods music ensemble; artist painting outdoors at RiverWoods