Choosing a CCRC for Retirement: Downsizing Your Home, Upsizing Your Life

Retirement may mean downsizing your home and learning to live with fewer things, but it doesn’t have to mean living a smaller life.

Choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) like RiverWoods means upsizing your life. More than just a place to live, RiverWoods Exeter is a place to expand your soul.

These are just a few of the life-expanding opportunities that make our community exceptional.

  • A Community that Loves to Learn If you love learning and pursuing knowledge, you’ll be in good company. Choose from a vast array of resident committees and interest groups, as well as a variety of workshops, classes, and demonstrations held frequently on campus.
  • Beekeeping Our community is buzzing! Just outside The Boulders campus, we have a new installation of honey bees maintained by trained staff and residents.
  • Goats-in-Residence Program Be sure to meet RiverWoods’ triplet pygmy goats who enjoy a lovely indoor/outdoor enclosure just outside The Ridge campus grounds.
  • RiverWoods Arboretum Stroll through New Hampshire’s largest arboretum, here at RiverWoods! The Arboretum is a collection of over 100 unique trees and woody shrubs that make up a diverse landscape spread over two hundred acres of land.
  • Gardening Opportunities Gardening enthusiasts enjoy growing produce and flowers in our raised outdoor garden beds during warmer weather, and during winter and early spring, growing seedlings or finding a place to re-pot a plant in one of our Greenhouse Rooms.
  • Places to Pursue Your Hobbies and Interests Whether it’s writing, creative arts, woodworking, cards, and games or swinging a golf club, there is a place to pursue what you are passionate about, and people to pursue it with, at RiverWoods.
  • Plenty of Conveniences Out of milk for your coffee? Not to worry, just pop down to the Country Store. You’ll also find a Technology Room, where residents can use computers, printers or take classes.
  • Opportunities to Enjoy the Outdoors RiverWoods’ lush landscape is surrounded with miles of walking trails, for you (or you and your pup) to enjoy. Or, grab your canoe and take a paddle down the Exeter River just minutes away.

With over 100 resident-driven committees and interest groups, it’s easy to live a larger life in retirement at RiverWoods Exeter!