The Secret of Successful Aging


The Secret of Successful Aging, Excerpts From a TEDx Talk

by Cathleen Toomey, Vice President of Marketing, The RiverWoods Group

Published in Yankee Magazine, Jan/Feb 2019

Want to know the secret to successful aging? It’s not Botox, or kale, or even sudoku. You don’t have to buy it, be born with it, or borrow your life savings to get it.

In order to understand how to successfully age, it’s important to understand what is different about today’s older adults, compared with prior generations. First, we are living much longer than prior generations – today, statistically, if you live to 65, you will live to 84, and if you make it to 84, you will live to 92. We are benefitting from the best medical care of any prior generation.

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