What is a CCRC?

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Welcome home to RiverWoods Exeter, New Hampshire’s premier Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Just minutes from the Seacoast and historic Portsmouth, RiverWoods is surrounded by acres of woodland and walking trails. Here, you’ll be close to nature, yet minutes from a variety of cultural, entertainment, and sporting activities.

Our residents move here to enjoy a retirement living community that is active, care-free, and convenient. With many options available right on our campus, the life you live at RiverWoods is up to you.

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Understanding Differences Between CCRCs

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I’m more active than I was on my own.

There are so many friends around who are interested in doing things. Since moving to RiverWoods Exeter I’ve been to more fun places and seen more of New Hampshire than ever before!

The Concept of Continuing Care

Continuing Care (also known as Life Care) Communities welcome independent residents and provide a wide variety of amenities including access to health care, if and when it’s needed.

In these active communities of seniors, residents enjoy maintenance-free living, the ease of social activities without the hassle of driving, diverse fitness opportunities, and flexible dining options. Residents move into a CCRC when they are still active in life. They enjoy the outdoors, golfing, hiking, gardening, and engaging with other residents over shared interests.

One of the greatest benefits of a CCRC is easy access to health care. When higher levels of care are required, a CCRC offers Assisted Living and Nursing Care, right on the same campus.

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A Plan for Whatever the Future Brings

A CCRC is an important consideration when you’re planning for retirement and continuing care, offering:

  • Maintenance-Free Living. Residents of a CCRC don’t have to worry about the burdens of traditional homeownership.
  • An Active Social Environment. Studies show that a lifestyle rich in social interaction, intellectual stimulation, and pure enjoyment helps people live longer, more rewarding lives.
  • Control Over Your Future. Americans today over the age of 65 are living longer than any prior generation. By choosing to move into a CCRC while you are still healthy and active, you are choosing control of your own future.
  • Guaranteed Access to Higher Levels of Care. At a CCRC, you are ensured lifetime access to health care. Private Assisted Living apartments are available to you when, and if, they are needed.
  • Financial Security and Tax Benefits. Some CCRCs offer refundable contracts ensuring your estate and assets are preserved. At RiverWoods Exeter, 90% of your entrance fee is refundable. A portion of the entrance and monthly service fees may also be tax deductible. Click here for an overview of the contracts offered by RiverWoods Group communities.
  • Peace of Mind. When you choose to live in a CCRC, you are choosing peace of mind —  not only for yourself, but for your children and grandchildren as well.
  • Assurance of Staying with Your Loved One. Couples who choose to live in a CCRC are also choosing the ability to stay together regardless of their individual future healthcare needs.

RiverWoods residents typically move to our community as independent, active seniors. If injury or illness enter their life, and health care needs change over time, so too does the level of care they receive.

Simply put, as a CCRC, RiverWoods Exeter provides you with a full balance of the things you need to create the lifestyle you want.

Welcome home to retirement, redefined.

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Why Choose a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

I worried I wouldn't have enough room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t know anyone at RiverWoods. How will I make new friends?

    Come for a visit at any time, and you’ll find residents working out in the gym, painting in the art studio, or enjoying a history lecture. You’ll find others hammering away in the woodshop, working in our raised garden beds, or discussing books in the library. Still, more will be headed off to The Music Hall for a show, walking the trails around campus with their dog, or organizing a group to go kayaking on the river.

    Most residents remark they’ve become more active socially and physically since moving to RiverWoods. Whether it’s meeting someone new over dinner or chatting over sandwiches, learning a new skill or taking a fitness class — life here brings every resident the opportunity to make new friends who share your common interests.

    Do you have an interest that hasn’t yet been explored at RiverWoods? We’d love to help you make it happen. Whatever your passion, RiverWoods provides a myriad of opportunities to pursue what you love most about life.

  • What Health Care Services do you offer?

    As a nationally-accredited Continuing Care Retirement Community, at RiverWoods you benefit from living within a vibrant and active senior living community and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a plan, no matter what your future health care needs may be. Join us as an independent resident, and if your needs change in the future, you are able to receive Assisted Living, Memory Support, or Nursing Care within the same community, cared for by staff you know and trust.

    When or if you ever need help with the activities of daily living, we’ll design a personalized plan to help you live life to its fullest — within the same community while maintaining your privacy and your highest level of independence.

    Sometimes, all it takes is one patch of ice, one missed step or one minor fall, and your entire life can be thrown into discord for months. A routine hip surgery or knee replacement becomes a significant lifestyle struggle. Be assured that rehabilitative care is here, when or if you ever need it.

  • What if my spouse needs health care before I do?

    Often spouses age differently, and one spouse may need more care than another. Caregiving can put a strain on any relationship, but at RiverWoods these relationships are preserved. One person can receive Assisted Living level of care, allowing the other to be a spouse, not a caregiver.

  • Who decides if I need more care and what type of care I need?

    Moving from Independent Living to health care is a conversation you participate in, not a decision made on your behalf. If care needs are increasing, and you need more help, we will invite you and your family to meet with our team and discuss what kinds of additional help you may need, and how RiverWoods can help. We would decide together if a change would be more beneficial for you and where it would make the most sense for you to receive that care.

  • What happens if I need a higher level of care?

    By choosing RiverWoods you are ensuring a complete continuum of care plan as your health needs change. Our residents are able to transition from Independent Living to Assisted Living to Memory Support or Nursing Care, whenever it is needed and for as long as necessary. Providing all levels of care within one community prevents a disruptive change or a second move when your health care needs have changed.

    Each person is unique. With our professional, caring staff, we provide our health center residents with a highly-individualized, personal care plan. Each resident enjoys a private room and bathroom, in a comforting, home-like environment. Going beyond the activities of daily living to provide more intensive and individual care, our staff treats each resident with respect and dignity.

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With a wide range of beautiful floor plan options available, we have something to suit every budget. Contact Lisa for pricing and availability or to take a personal tour.

Welcome home to independence, transformed.

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