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Today’s retirees are a different generation — they are living longer, and are more active, than ever before. They look to their legal and financial professionals to ensure they have made a smart financial decision and have a plan for whatever the future brings – including the rising cost of healthcare.

For today’s retirees, a CCRC is a smart financial decision – they have guaranteed access to health care at a discounted rate right within their community, and a portion of the one-time entrance fee and monthly fee can be tax deductible. Additionally, a Type A CCRC like RiverWoods provides the highest level of predictability as well as the highest level of insurance for their residents, and our 90% refundable entrance fee ensures asset preservation for our residents.

The Continuing Care (Life Care) Concept – What is a CCRC?

Continuing Care (also known as Life Care) Communities welcome independent residents and provide a wide variety of amenities including access to health care, if and when it’s needed.

In these active communities of seniors, residents enjoy maintenance-free living, the ease of social activities without the hassle of driving, diverse fitness opportunities, and flexible dining options. Most residents move into a CCRC when they are still active in life. They enjoy the outdoors, golfing, hiking, gardening, and engaging with other residents over shared interests.

One of the greatest benefits of a CCRC is easy access to healthcare. Residents can continue to see their own doctor or a visit from an on-site physician without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. When higher levels of care are required, a CCRC like RiverWoods offers Assisted Living, Memory Support, and Nursing Care, right on the same campus.

A CCRC is an important consideration when you’re planning for retirement and continuing care, offering:

  • Maintenance-Free Living. Residents of a CCRC don’t have to worry about the burdens of traditional home ownership.
  • An Active Social Environment. Studies show that a lifestyle rich in social interaction, intellectual stimulation, and pure enjoyment helps people live longer, more rewarding lives.
  • Control Over the Future. Americans today over the age of 65 are living longer than any prior generation. By choosing to move into a CCRC while still healthy and active, they are choosing control of their own future.
  • Guaranteed Access to Higher Levels of Care. At a CCRC, residents are ensured lifetime access to health care. Private Assisted Living apartments and Nursing Care are available when, and if, they are needed.
  • Financial Security and Tax Benefits. Some CCRCs offer refundable contracts ensuring your estate and assets are preserved. At RiverWoods, 90% of the entrance fee is refundable. A portion of the entrance and monthly service fees may also be tax deductible.
  • Peace of Mind. By choosing to live in a CCRC, seniors are choosing peace of mind— not only for themselves but for their children and grandchildren as well.
  • Assurance of Staying with a Loved One. Couples who choose to live in a CCRC are also choosing the ability to stay together regardless of their individual future healthcare needs.

Are Your Clients Prepared for the Future?

  • Older women are twice as likely to live alone as older men.
  • 70% of people over the age of 65 will need long-term care at some point in their life.
  • 32% of adults 85 and older have Alzheimer’s, at an estimated cost of $350,000/year.
  • 58% of adults underestimate nursing home costs. 31% underestimate the cost of assisted living.
  • 9 million Americans provide unpaid care to someone with Alzheimer’s, providing 18.2 billion hours of assistance, an equivalent value of $230.1 Billion.
  • 20% of today’s 65-year-olds will need Long Term Care for more than five years.

The costs of providing care are not just financial. Many of these caregivers are the adult children, known as the “sandwich generation” who are caring for their own children while caring for their aging parents.

Sources Include: US Census Bureau,, Alzheimer’s Association

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The Financial Advisor’s Road Map

by Kevin Goyette
Chief Financial Officer
The RiverWoods Group

A white paper for financial professionals interested in effectively analyzing the financial strength of different CCRCs.

The Financial Advisor’s Road Map for Evaluating a Continuing Care Retirement Community


Tax Advantages

There are many financial implications to consider before moving to a CCRC. Becoming a resident at RiverWoods may present worthwhile tax and financial advantages.

Pre-Paid Medical Expenses

A portion of the one-time entrance fee may be deducted on a federal tax return as a prepaid medical expense. A portion of the monthly service fee may also be deducted (typically 30% to 40%).

RiverWoods Exeter engages an outside expert each year to calculate the specific amount of the monthly service fees and entrance fees that are deductible as a medical expense on federal tax returns that year. The expert reviews applicable regulations and rulings in compiling their analysis.

New Hampshire’s Tax Advantage

New Hampshire is one of the most attractive states to retire in, due to an appealing tax profile:

  • No general sales tax.
  • No state income tax.
  • No state estate tax.
  • No capital gains tax.
  • Lowest tax burden of any New England state.
  • In the Top 10 of Lowest Tax States in the US.  (


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Financial FAQs

  • Are your financials available for viewing?

    The RiverWoods Group has earned an excellent reputation as a smart and strong family of not-for-profit communities. The organization continues to grow thoughtfully and maintain strong occupancy while consistently outperforming industry benchmarks. In 2016, RiverWoods Manchester became an affiliate. In 2019, the doors were opened to the first residents of RiverWoods Durham.

    RiverWoods Exeter has earned an excellent reputation for financial strength. We are in the Top 2% of CCRCs in the nation with a Fitch A- rating.

    The last five years of our audited financials and annual reports may be viewed and downloaded here.

  • What does my monthly service fee include?
    • Complete Home Maintenance Every aspect is taken care of, inside and out — from landscaping and exterior maintenance to bi-weekly housekeeping, weekly flat linen laundry, and annual heavy cleaning.
    • Speedy Snow Removal When winter rolls in, be confident that snow will be removed from parking lots, walkways, and cars in a timely manner.
    • Delicious Dining Enjoy one chef-prepared meal each day in any one of our gracious dining rooms or casual cafés and bistros with seasonal, restaurant-quality menus that change daily.
    • Fitness Program No matter what your current level of fitness, our Fitness Manager and staff make it easy to stay fit. Each campus has an indoor pool, sauna, and fully-equipped fitness room. Or, choose from over 65 free fitness classes each week.
    • Complimentary Transportation Don’t worry about missing an appointment on a snowy day or driving in bad weather — we offer scheduled complimentary local transportation as well as daily transportation between campuses.
    • Complete Continuum of Care If or when your health needs change, each campus offers Assisted Living, Memory Support, and Nursing Care, so the care you need will always be available without ever leaving your friends and community.
  • How can I choose a CCRC over leaving money to my family?

    When you choose RiverWoods, you have the promise of asset preservation and financial security — our 90% refundable contract ensures that when you leave the community, 90% of your original entrance fee will be refundable to your estate.

  • How much do monthly fees increase each year?

    Rates typically increase from 2-5%.

  • What happens if I outlive my assets?

    We do a comprehensive financial analysis during your application process, to ensure that your future is secure. However, RiverWoods has a benevolent fund that residents may apply for should they outlive their assets through no fault of their own.